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    In a bunch of emails leaked a few years ago to Breitbart, Stephen Miller (everyone's favorite reincarnated Nazi) railed against Republicans as too weak on immigration and suggested Dreamers would one day replace white Americans. But look what good Catholic Phyllis "Eva Braun" Schlafly suggested! Via Newsweek:

    The Southern Poverty Law Center's "Hatewatch" section published its latest series of emails Tuesday which were leaked by an ex-Breitbart editor. The emails reveal Miller pitching white nationalist and vigilantly anti-immigrant ideas to the right-wing publication while he was a rising GOP aide to then-Senator Jeff Sessions and later a top Trump campaign policy adviser on immigration. Miller's latest leaked messages show he shared an article from far-right website WorldNetDaily with Phyllis Schlafly, who suggested the idea of shipping immigrants out of the U.S. on trains as a scare tactic and expressed fears that migrants might "replace existing demographics."

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    [Above, at Trump rally in Kentucky, Rand Paul calls for illegal outing of whistleblower. Nov 2019]

    Schrödinger’s Senator, the physics paradox known in this dimension as Rand Paul, a man from the multiverse where anything is possible including being elected in the 2016 Presidential Goat Rodeo and being elected to the Senate or both or neither can happen at the same time or never --

    -- is making his signature power move!

    Rand Paul threatens fellow Republicans with explosive witness votes

    Sen. Rand Paul is waging a fierce campaign to prevent the Senate from hearing witnesses in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, vowing to force tough votes on his fellow Republicans if they break with the president or back Democrats’ demands fornew evidence…

    Paul says if four or more of his GOP colleagues join with Democrats to entertain new witness testimony, he will make the Senate vote on subpoenaing the president’s preferred witnesses, including Hunter Biden and the whistleblower who revealed the Ukraine scandal — polarizing picks who moderate Republicans aren’t eager to call. So he has a simple message for his party: end the trial before witnesses are called.

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    White House aide Kellyanne Conway on Thursday refused to answer a straight “yes or no question” about whether Lev Parnas, a Rudy Giuliani associate, was lying when he said that President Donald Trump was aware of his actions in Ukraine.

    During an interview on Fox News, Conway was repeatedly asked about an interview Parnas did on MSNBC Wednesday night.

    “What is the White House’s position on his allegations?” host Bill Hemmer queried.

    “Remember, people who go on TV are never under oath,” Conway said. “This is someone who didn’t come forward of his own volition. He was arrested and indicted on some pretty serious charges.”

    “I understand what you’re saying,” Hemmer interrupted. “But are you saying flat-out, a hundred percent, what he alleges is not true? Yes or no?”

    “When he says, the president knew all of my moves,” Conway replied, “you cannot say what somebody else knew or thought. You can’t do that. So that was a TV show, not a court of law… I think you should go by what the president himself has said.”

    “Is he lying or not?” Hemmer pressed.

    “Well, he’s a proven liar,” Conway scoffed. “He’s been indicted. And so, look, I’ve never heard the president mention this person to me ever a single time!”

    “It’s a yes or no question,” co-host Sandra Smith observed. “Trump knew exactly what’s going on, said Lev Parnas. And we’re asking, is that statement true or false?”

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    Kayleigh McEnany is the national press secretary for President Trump's reelection campaign. Brad Parscale is Trump's chest-thumping campaign manager. This morning, McEnany was on Twitter amplifying a message from Parscale about the rally Trump staged last night as counterprogramming to the Democratic debate:

    Parscale posts one of these after every Trump rally -- a breakdown of statistics about the rallygoers (information that, of course, we can't verify). Parscale's point is always some variation on the same message: Behold the mighty power of our campaign. We're attracting independents. We're attracting Democrats. We're attracting non-whites. We're attracting new voters. We are a juggernaut, and resistance is futile.

    There's just one thing about the stat McEnany highlighted:

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    Holy crap, Senators have a cheat sheet on how to avoid reporters' questions.

    I guess that's better than, when faced with a boring and legitimate question about your duties, you go berserk and call the reporter a 'liberal hack' while walking away.

    Open thread below...

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    Prog-rock rambles through some psychedelic cornfield? That's one way to describe what Welsh band Man had going on with "C'mon", the lead off track from their seventh album, 1972's Be Good to Yourself at Least Once a Day.

    Here they are with a '75 take of the song for German television.

    What are you listening to tonight?

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    You know things are bad, and likely to get worse for Susan Collins, the faux moderate/rubber stamp for Trump if she doesn't vote to impeach. And she won't, because that's just how she's rolled for the last quarter-century in the U.S. Senate. With 52% of Mainers now tired of her act, and only 40% still with her (down from 67% before Trump), perhaps they'll finally rid themselves of her. Here's hoping.

    Source: Bangor Daily News

    AUGUSTA, Maine — A national survey released Thursday found U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine had the highest disapproval rating of any senator in 2019’s last quarter as she enters a campaign for a fifth term in which she is one of national Democrats’ top targets.

    The Republican once polled as Maine’s most popular politician and won her 2014 race with more than two-thirds of votes, but her 2018 vote for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh kicked off a massive Democratic campaign against her and the news comes amid impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump that will be high-stakes for Collins.
    Collins’ approval rating has sunk sharply since Trump took office in the first quarter of 2017, when the Maine senator registered a 67 percent approval rating, according to Morning Consult. In the final quarter of 2019, the firm said her rating stood at 42 percent.

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  • 01/17/20--04:30: Mike's Blog Round Up
  • The Rude Pundit: Trump's defenders are satisfied with the leadership of an idiot.

    Hysterical Raisins: Parnas just massively ****ed the whole Trump gang.

    John Fea: This is what we're up against -- some rural Evangelicals have made Trump their golden idol.

    Nan's Notebook: Are there really people who hate freedom? (Discussion in the comments.)

    Bonus link: Some advice for Iran.

    Blog round-up by Infidel753. To recommend a post, send link to mbru [at] crooksandliars [dot] com -- I do check it!

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    Watch Donald Trump deny ever knowing Lev Parnas beyond saying he was at fundraisers:

    How many times did he deny Parnas in that short clip, exactly?

    Erin Burnett thought it would be helpful to illustrate Trump's "pattern of lying when it comes to who and what he knows," so she compiled a montage of some of his greatest hits: David Duke, Wikileaks, Paul Manafort, etc. etc..

    And as she pointed out at the end, she could have added 4 or 8 more, including Gordon Sondland, Stormy Daniels. and others. Any time they point out something he doesn't want to admit, he goes into "lie and deny" mode instead of just admitting he knows them.

    Lev Parnas, though? He might be a problem. He's vowed to release a photo every single time Trump denies knowing him.

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    I think it’s obvious that we should all remain skeptical of Lev Parnas as Tom counsels here. Shady operators often have good reasons for lying or embellishing when they are in the crosshairs.

    The main takeaway from all this so far is that the president’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was engaged in a sleazy operation in Ukraine that appears to be linked to a lot more shady activities in this Ukraine gambit than we knew. It’s not credible that the president wasn’t okaying it ever step of the way. If they ever arrest Rudy and he has to save himself a lot of people will undoubtedly be in big trouble. That’s what Rudy was talking about when he said he has “insurance.” If Bill Barr was involved in all this, it may explain why Rudy has so far not been indicted by SDNY.

    Maybe.The good news is that there are documents that can corroborate much of what Parnas said. They are still being looked at.

    Yesterday, one watchdog group took a quick look at a few and shared what they found on twitter:

    American Oversight@weareoversight

    We lined up the newly released Parnas messages with the records we obtained from the State Department through FOIA litigation, as well as other records and reports. The timeline is troubling.

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